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You have a good heart

Maj 18, 2016
By pfajs

Whoa a real live robot; or is that some kind of cheesy New Year's costume? You, a bobsleder!? That I'd like to see! Soon enough. Who are you, my warranty?! Bite my shiny metal ass.…

Michelle, I don’t regret

Mar 29, 2016
By pfajs

Michelle, I don't regret this, but I both rue and lament it. All I want is to be a monkey of moderate intelligence who wears a suitÔÇŽ that's why I'm transferring to business school! This…

Is the Space Pope reptilian

Jan 18, 2016
By pfajs

You won't have time for sleeping, soldier, not with all the bed making you'll be doing. Oh sure! Blame the wizards! Why would I want to know that? No, I'm Santa Claus! When I was…

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